Melbourne weather May 18: After the rain, mostly sunny day on the way, top of 20

Good morning, there was a chance of showers this morning but it's all clear now. The rain has headed off overnight and there's a mostly sunny afternoon on the way, with a generous topping of 20 degrees.

Early on, it's still a chilly one out there. If I could squeeze a beanie on under the bike helmet, I'd have given it a go on the pedal in this morn. Speaking of, ever wondered why a beanie is so named? Nothing to do with legumes as such. They reckon the word comes from your bean, as in your head. Stick tha in your noggin and retain it.

Meantime, our nanna-blanket reading has the office temperature at "blankie regretfully left in the car." Put that down as chillier than expected, as decreed by the queen of the homepage.

Here's what the weather is doing right now


Here's what's in store for the rest of the day

Here's how the rest of the week is shaping up

Elsewhere in the world

It's been cool in Koolyanobbing, near Coolgardie in outback Western Australia, with the region hammered by hail in recent days. Photo: Ronnie Canning/WAtoday

Koolyanobbing was hammered with hail on Thursday morning

Weird weather word of the day: 'Petrichor'

Melburnians might lay claim to the word "drizzle," but there's another truly Aussie rainy-day word out there – and it's a beauty. The word "petrichor" – which describes the scent of rain on earth – was invented back in 1964 by Victorian scientists Isabel "Joy" Bear and Richard Grenfell Thomas. They arrived at the word by mixing the Greek words petra, rock, and ikhor, the mythic life force flowing in the veins of the gods. Photo: Higgins Storm Chasing/Trudy Stew

Not enough to break the drought, but Orientos Station  west of Thargomindah, received five millimetres on Christmas day

Tune for the day

Start the day with a song in your heart, as issued by our senior forecaster at The Bureau of Musicology. The rain's gone and there's sun in store, but we're still going for the Doc …

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