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Top 10 Daily number one story Tackling Africa’s Electricity Problem

Half a billion people in Africa currently live without electricity. Here’s a look at the various efforts currently going on to change this.

bbc Financial Inclusion In Africa number two story Zambia Opposition Leader Moved To Maximum Security Prison

Hakainde Hichilema was arrested in April for allegedly failing to give way to President Edgar Lungu’s motorcade and has so far been held in detention for two months.

News 24 Hakainde Hichilema What the Robot Age Means for Africa

About 67% of South Africa’s jobs are highly susceptible to automation, according to a recent Oxford University study. That figure is 65% for Nigeria, and 85% for Ethiopia.

mail & guardian Breakfast: Is It Really The Meal Of Choice An Unapologetic African Luxury Brand

Yswara, which makes artisanal gourmet teas and accessories, operates in a different sphere than what we see as ‘African brands’. Swaady Martin has taken a brand made right here in South Africa, sourced from the continent, to sit on shelved in Harrods.

huffington post Improving Health In Africa South Sudan President Won’t Attend Summit About the Crisis

The 31st Summit by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development is expected to stress on the inclusive national dialogue to end the security and humanitarian situation in the country as a result of conflicts between government forces and armed opposition groups.

africa news Freak Accident Leaves Somali Minister Dead Is Arming Civilians the Right Decision?

Four legislators from northeastern Kenya have called on the government to arm the community to defend themselves against al-Shabab militants who have claimed responsibility for the recent attacks.

voa news Eyptian Man's Labour Of Love It Is No Longer Possible to Predict What Will Happen In the Congo

One of the key questions at the moment is of what effect the Western sanctions imposed on various senior officials in the last couple of weeks will have. Will they further undermine the cohesion of the regime?

african arguments learners taking exams South Sudan Girls Bartered for Food

Conflict and desperate hunger are driving families to marry off their daughters to secure precious cows, despite the girls having to forfeit their education.

the guardian Exciting Developments Improving Health In Africa African Consumer Goods and Retail Investment Space On the Up

The space remains relatively underdeveloped at the moment, with most shopping done at informal shops. The formalizing of the space will be vital to growth and expansion.

afk insider Exciting Developments Improving Health In Africa Inside the Start-up Tel Aviv South Africa Contest

Israel, a country with more start-ups than any other country in the world, is giving South African start-ups the opportunity to grow their ideas.

cnbc africa This Is How The Soil Looks Like In Tanzania

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