7 High-End Beauty Products Worth the Splurge, According to Makeup Experts

Don’t get me wrong—there’s nothing I love more than hitting up Target or Walmart and buying a shopping cart’s worth of seriously good makeup and skin-care products without utterly depleting my bank account. But at the same time, I truly smile every morning when I slather on my $98, heavenly scented Amore Pacific face cream that leaves my skin looking like a glowing dew drop, which leaves me in a weird, guilty limbo, pulled between cheap and high-end. And based on a recent viral thread on Reddit’s Makeup Addiction, I realized I’m not alone in my plight, because the same makeup wizards who swear by drugstore dupes recently opened up about the “luxury” beauty products that they swear are actually worth the splurge.

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The thread started when one curious user, after regretfully spending money on a high-end mascara that came up short, asked the beauty community for the last item they splurged on, and why. One-zillion comments later, and the thread is currently loaded with mini reviews and stories about each user’s go-to, expensive products that they promise beat anything they’ve ever bought at the drugstore. And because the recommendations were so good, we rounded up the seven top products, including a cult-favorite serum from Drunk Elephant, and a Tom Ford bronzer brush, along with each user’s review. See the products, ahead, and get ready to set aside some extra cash for these bad boys, guilt-free.

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