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Top 10 News Week In Review number one story Top Ten African Male Runners of All Time

More athletes come to Africa to find training conditions that have offered a great number of African athletes to climb to the top of athletics world. East Africa and North Africa have always impressed the world of athletics mainly in the middle distance and long distance races. Kenyan Athlete number two story Caught In A Lie

A Nigerian traditional chief in the state of Lagos has been suspended after he confessed to faking his own kidnap. He said in a statement that investigations had found that Chief Yusuf Ogundare had conspired with his family to frame a rival chief for the disappearance.

bbc Chief Yusuf Ogundare Will Botswana Risk It With China?

China has warned Botswana against hosting exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, who is due to visit there next month, saying it hoped Botswana could make the “correct” decision about the trip.

ewn Tibetan Leader The Acts That Led To the Arab Spring Are Back

Tunisia has advanced more than any other country in the region toward freedom and democratic governance, yet it has been largely unable to provide hope and opportunity for a better life. The frustration at that failure has no more gruesome expression than Tunisia’s tide of self-immolations.

new york times Tunisia’s tide of self-immolations Faith-based Education Picks Up In Africa

The Christian university movement is driven by the massive demand for access to higher education and the liberalisation of government chartering – both global trends.

quartz africa Faith-based Education A Radio Show For Kinshasa’s Queer Community

Founded by Patou Izai in 2012, the platform Jeunialissime aims to create a safe space for people from within the LGBTI community in the DRC to express their views and discuss pertinent and salient issues.

true Africa platform Jeunialissime The Gambia’s Landfills Are An Environmental Disaster

The Gambia’s return to democracy has emboldened environmental groups seeking to shut down some of the country’s most polluted sites.

al jazeera Landfill site A South African’s Shocking Experience With Airbnb

In the video, Sibahle Nkumi is pushed down the stairs, allegedly by an Airbnb owner, at the place they were staying. The attack happened after what appears to be a disagreement between the women and owner.

independent Black tourist assaulted at Airbnb Sudanese Female Journo Willing To Be Jailed For Her Duty

Amal Habani had said earlier that she was arrested, manhandled and detained by the security agents who had no identification and had accused her of taking pictures of them during the trial.

africa news Amal Habani You Won’t Believe What’s On Millennials’ Minds

Research by the International Rescue Committee showed that millennials, loosely defined as young adults born between 1981 and 1997, are the generation most concerned about solving the hunger crisis in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and Nigeria.

the guardian Kids at a NGO

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