7 Charcoal Beauty Products That Take Deep Cleansing to the Next Level

When your skin feels icky and needs a serious scrub, anything infused with charcoal is your best bet. Like coconut oil and hyaluronic acid, the natural ingredient is an all-in-one miracle that beauty experts love to name-drop when recommending products.

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In case you didn’t know, its reputation has stood the test of time…literally. The Japanese have been using it for centuries as an exfoliating tool and today, those deep-cleansing powers are being harnessed into everything from face masks to toothbrushes.

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Charcoal is literally a magnet, drawing bacteria and other nasty particles from beneath the skin’s surface, so we’d say the hype is real. If you’ve never experienced the fast-acting power of charcoal beauty products, see 7 of the most popular options below.

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